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Phorester, Patenkind und Schülerin Lulu Girls High School

Eine Welt Stiftung Phorester Patenkind und Schülerin Lulu Girls High School
Phorester, Patenkind und Schülerin Lulu Girls High School

The One World Foundation has supported me in my education journey ever since Kindergarten up to now in my final year in High School. I have been able to learn new things, share ideas, I have met and interacted with new faces and not forgetting new places too. I have been able to exploit my talents and hobbies while at school. I have been able to attend the music festival all the way up to the National level in our country, it was such an experience meeting all our cultural dances and heritage of our country in just a week!

I come from a very humble family, my parents were willing to support my education, but unfortunately with the meagre earnings it wasn’t possible for them to fund my basic education. The One Word foundation came through and they have supported my education. I have never being sent away from school due to fee arrears and for these reason I am forever grateful due to this kind of gesture. My parents have also played their part by purchasing for me the personal effects items. This has helped me to fully concentrate in class and to give my best since I am never worried that my studies will be cut short and that my dreams will come to a standstill!

Being my final year in High School, I am looking forward to join the university, and qualify to study Geology. Geography has being the best subject in school, after all our Geography teacher, Md. Mutua keeps on reminding us that “Geography Rocks the World! “ . I love travelling and therefore I hope to get a career that entails travelling, discovering new places, adventure, understanding our nature and the environment.

I am indeed very lucky, to get this opportunity of having an education, I also wish to have all the other children and especially girls to also experience the benefits of acquiring   an education. The late Professor Wangari Mathai once said that “When you educate a girl you educate the entire community”. This is in indeed true, since I see myself helping my family, community and the whole world to become a better place.

One Word Foundation is truly one of a kind, since it has given us girls a forum to all education seeking girls to improve their standards of living and to be a blessing to their families.

Von Phorester, Schülerin der Lulu Girls High School


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